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Nisa and Dobbies launch new partnership

Nisa Retail has announced it has signed a deal with leading UK garden centre chain Dobbies to support the specialist retailer’s new Foodhall strategy across 35 of its stores.

The decision to join forces with Nisa was driven by Dobbies desire to develop its Foodhall offer. Customers can still expect to find unique, premium quality ‘foodie’ items in the Dobbies Foodhalls, but now a wide range of everyday groceries will be provided by Nisa. This extended range will give customers more choice and convenience, allowing Dobbies to cater for all customers’ needs under one roof.
The move allows Dobbies to harmonise its existing range with that of Nisa’s, utilising Nisa’s expertise available in range selection, planogram capability and promotional support.  
“We’re delighted to partner with Dobbies and look forward to helping them on a journey to establish their Foodhall as a one stop shopping destination, and unlocking the full sales potential of these sites,” said Steve Leach, Nisa Retail sales director. 
Nisa has worked closely with Dobbies retail team to develop a range of fresh, chilled and frozen products, while helping to dovetail an everyday range of ambient products into the existing Dobbies Foodhall range.
The Dobbies team identified the potential sales in addressing visitors everyday shopping needs and moved to address this through the deal with Nisa.

Archie Stewart, Head of Food at Dobbies said: “I am delighted to see our new strategy come to life in the Foodhalls. Customers are increasingly shopping for less, more often and so we have created a Foodhall offer that caters to this top up shop mission, whilst also maintaining Dobbies uniqueness.  The Nisa product range has provided Dobbies with a credible breadth of range, while other well-loved brand collaborations such as Booths and Luca’s Ice Cream, and a continued commitment to local suppliers, have helped to differentiate our foodhalls and enhance the shopping experience”.
“Nisa has enjoyed an exceptional period of recruitment and has proven again that it is perfectly suited to partnering with a wide range of different retail formats and we know that Dobbies will benefit greatly from the input of our specialist retail support teams,” added Steve.