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Nisa equips partners with a new £5 freezer deal

With budgeting on the minds of consumers across the UK, Nisa is providing its partners with a new freezer deal to help shoppers feed the family for less this month.

Consumers continue to change their shopping habits amid the rising cost of living and many are taking the time to plan more meal times, whilst trying to save money and time where possible.

“Groceries typically account for quite a big percentage of a household’s outgoings so it is important our partners are able to provide their customers with budget-friendly deals,” said Nisa’s Wholesale Category Controller for the frozen category, Ian Redhead.

Nisa introduced several new value-focused campaigns to partners at the start of 2022 including ‘Fresh 3’, ‘Mid-week Meals’, and ‘Big Brands, Big Savings’, and the established £5 frozen deal remains a part of the symbol group’s periodic promotions.

Nisa equips partners with a new £5 freezer deal Article Image

Available until 8th March

The third freezer-filling deal of the year so far landed in stores last week and comprises a Goodfella’s Garlic Bread 218g, Birds Eye Chicken Dippers 22pk, Co-op Battered Onion Rings 454g, McCain Garlic Wedges 650g and a Nestlé Kit Kat Ice Cream Tub 480ml for £5, saving shoppers more than £8.50 off the RRP.

“Shoppers will be actively on the lookout for money-saving deals in the coming months and Nisa’s reoccurring £5 frozen deal provides a fantastic solution for busy, budgeting parents looking for a quick and tasty meal for the whole family,” added Redhead.

Nisa equips partners with a new £5 freezer deal stocked freezer deal featured in store

“And as well as being speedy, the long shelf life of frozen products means the versatile items can alternatively be enjoyed throughout the week with additional fresh ingredients, creating multiple meals.”

The deal is available in stores until Tuesday 8th March.

Source: IGD Shopper trends for 2022 - January 2022.