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Nisa Local Bury Road brings zero waste to Bolton in store refit

Nisa Local Bury Road are playing their part in sustainability and zero waste with the addition of a refill station in their newly refitted convenience store in Bolton.

Keen to incorporate new ideas and offer shoppers something different, the Bolton retailer has installed a zero-waste refill station, a first for them but a concept which is proving popular with the residents living locally.

Paula Lafferty, Store Manager at Nisa Bury Road, said: “Originally, we were a Co-op and we had a refit and brought in new things. We brought in zero waste, and it has been popular so far with our shoppers.

“They absolutely love it, it is different. We sell a lot of different things now and that means customers no longer need to run into town because of the range we sell.


“Going forward zero waste is going to be important to us. I think it would be good to be in all stores but I know that isn’t always possible at the moment.

With a strong focus on food to go, fresh produce along with a chilled range, the retailers decided the refill station supplemented their offer and acts as a unique selling point in the local area.

“We know that times are tough financially for a lot of people now and purse strings are getting tighter and tighter with prices going up. Customers are questioning if they need to buy that big bag of pasta when they only want a little bit.

“How many times have your kids gone to school and needed two ounces of something and you’ve needed to buy a bag and then bin it. And then the next year you need it again. Money is tight and we want to be providing as much value for money as possible in the local area.”


Currently selling foodstuff including nuts, grains, seeds, cereal and pasta, the former Co-op site also invested in energy efficient chiller doors and lighting as part of their recent refit.

“All the fridges are new and came in through the refit,” added Paula.

“I absolutely love the refit. We are now able to cater for breakfast, dinner and tea for our customers – both on the go and through fresh and chilled. There is something here for everybody. The milkshakes, slush machines and fresh orange juice - we offer all sorts.

“Everything in general has been selling well. Everyone is looking for a bargain and we offer such a diverse product range now that we’ve seen footfall increase significantly recently.”


Victoria Lockie, Head of Retail at Nisa, said: “We work hard to ensure our approach meets the diverse requirements of all stores, having the solutions and options to hand and utilising recommended suppliers via our format and development team.

“Nisa Local Bury Road is a fantastic site which has a real ambition to be progressive and look to the future through zero waste. The local community are now able to get everything they need without
the need to go into town.”

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