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Nisa Local store in Manchester undergoes modern transformation

A Nisa Local, led by Patidar Ltd’s Sunny Patel, has unveiled a major upgrade of its newest store in Manchester.

Previously a children's play centre, the property has been transformed into a modern Nisa Local. Sunny has worked with Nisa for twenty years and the new Nisa Local will be the third and largest Nisa store in the Patidar Ltd portfolio.

The newly refurbished store features a spacious layout with the first aisle significantly widened, offering an inviting entrance that has contributed to higher customer satisfaction. Adorned with Nisa's distinctive dark grey colour scheme and modern flooring, the store now enjoys an airier feel and a more contemporary design.

A key upgrade includes state-of-the-art refrigeration systems that have increased product visibility and accessibility by 50%, allowing for an expanded product range with a strong focus on fresh produce and bakery items, alongside a new and improved ‘food to go’ section.

The store attracts commuters and families primarily due to its strategic location and the convenience of its 'food to go' offerings. Features such as the Costa coffee machine appeal to busy professionals seeking quick and quality options, while the popular slushy machine is particularly favoured by children.

With its broad assortment of products at various price points, the store effectively caters to a wide range of customers, from those looking for quick snack options to those seeking fresh, quality groceries.

Since it’s opening last month, the Manchester store has experienced a surge in footfall. Sunny attributes this success to the innovative layout and the broader product range, stating, "our transformation has not only retained our loyal customer base but also attracted new customers seeking an exceptional grocery shopping experience."

Sunny is also looking forward to continuing his work with Nisa’s charity, Making a Difference Locally (MADL). “We are excited to open our new store and continue our commitment to the community through MADL.

Having already donated £10,000 from our existing stores, we look forward to further supporting local charities and good causes. Each purchase at our new location will help build our MADL fund, ensuring we can make a positive and lasting impact in the community. Together, we can continue to strengthen our ties and support those in need."

We appreciate working with Nisa for their product availability, competitive pricing, and strong support.
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