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Nisa opens 50th Express store at Trident Ottershaw Service Station

Nisa has opened its 50th Nisa Express store with the launch of Trident Ottershaw Service Station.

The Ottershaw store transitioned to Nisa in October 2023, before undergoing a full refurbishment more recently.

This move was driven by two main factors: the need for a supplier that could provide electronic delivery notes compatible with their computerized back-office system, and strong recommendations from their system provider, highlighting Nisa’s superior integration and customer satisfaction.

Prior to the rebranding, the site had already undergone a significant refurbishment to enhance its appeal, particularly given its location opposite another service station with a Little Waitrose.

This strategic upgrade aimed to position the Nisa store as a competitive alternative, offering a comprehensive range of grocery items beyond the traditional petrol station proposition.

“We’ve shifted from being just a filling station to a full-fledged grocery provider,” Trident’s finance director Christopher Roberts explains.

“Our goal was to meet everyone’s needs, providing them with all sorts of goods from fresh bread and dairy to meal solutions and snacks.

"The Nisa brand has been instrumental in changing customer perceptions and boosting our sales. It’s been a real win-win situation for us and the customers.”

The rebranding to Nisa has positively impacted sales and customer perceptions.

“Since putting up the Nisa signage, we’ve become more competitively priced, and our reputation has improved,” says Roberts.

“One customer even said, ‘Thank God you are Nisa now because you were so expensive before.’ Our margins and sales have increased, making this transition very beneficial.”

The store’s transformation has already yielded impressive results. Since adopting the Nisa branding, the store has experienced a remarkable increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

Shop sales have surged by 9.8% in June 2024 compared to June 2023, while shop profit has soared by 39.5%. The Fresh Rewards rebate scheme has also been a game-changer for the store, earning an additional £6,000 annually.

Popular items at the store include Co-op sweets and 7 Days croissants, with the latter selling around 15 units daily.

Access to Co-op’s strong own brand has been a significant advantage, providing trusted and recognized products to customers.

“Being part of Nisa has allowed us to offer competitive pricing and a trusted brand with Co-op products. Customers have noticed the difference and appreciate the value we provide,” says Roberts.

Nisa’s Express proposition provides a fascia option and store format for smaller stores up to 1,000 sq. ft.

With three formats available - forecourt, food-centric, and essentials - each format comes with the latest technology and contemporary design to provide a first-class shopping experience for consumers and will maximise sales in a minimal space environment.

Additional Nisa Express store openings in 2024 include sites in Liverpool, Southend, Leicester and Combe Down. 

The Nisa brand has been instrumental in changing customer perceptions and boosting our sales.
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