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Nisa partners contribute to The One Foundation

Since making Co-op water available to Nisa partners through the initial roll out of Co-op own brand products, approximately £60k has been raised by partners for The One Foundation. 

Retailers already enjoying the benefit of Co-op’s own brand range have now found out that, in addition to all own brand products sold in their stores now contributing to Nisa’s Making A Difference Locally charity, they are also benefitting communities around the world through The One Water initiative.

Over 844 million people globally do not have access to clean drinking water and more than 2.4 billion lack access to a basic, hygienic toilet (UN figures). Nisa partners can now do their bit to change that and help those 844m people.

Co-op has worked with The One Foundation for over 13 years, helping to invest in water sanitation in countries such as Kenya and Malawi. And for every litre of Co-op own brand water sold, 3p is raised for The One Foundation.

“We are delighted to use Nisa’s annual retail exhibition as the platform to announce to our partners that their support of Co-op own brand is delivering multiple benefits, not only to their own sales, but to communities throughout the UK and globally,” said John McNeill, Nisa COO. “They can be very proud that in a relatively short space of time our partners have raised £60,000 for The One Foundation to help fund this incredible work”