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Nisa promoting healthier choices

Nisa retailers are set to help shoppers make healthier food decisions this month thanks to a range of new deals on fresh summer lines.

As consumers start to shift their focus to health and fitness ahead of the summer months, Nisa’s latest meal solution is the perfect fit for those looking for a lighter option for the summer evenings.

“As we inch closer to the warmer months, shoppers’ minds will be shifting from larger, heartier evening meals to fresher and healthier family options, whilst retaining a keen eye for value,” said Nisa’s Offline Marketing Lead, Chris Walker.

Nisa promoting healthier choices Chicken Salad promotional lifestyle

Available in stores now, Nisa shoppers can pick up everything needed for a feel-good chicken salad for less; Co-op Chicken Thigh Fillets 520g at £3.60, Co-op Baby Leaf Salad 115g at £1.29, Co-op Vine Ripened Tomatoes 400g at £1.29, and Co-op Sweet Peppers 3pk at £1.79.

And Nisa’s latest Fresh 3 deal serves shoppers additional savings on Co-op fruit and vegetable lines with Mangos at £1.15, Green Beans 200g at £1, and Salad Tomatoes 6pk at just 79p.

“Deals on fresh produce help to combat the misconception that nutritious options and convenience come at an additional cost, and meal solutions like the chicken salad reflect the approaching summer season, providing a quick and easy option for the busy, cash-strapped consumer looking to make a change to their eating habits,” added Walker.

Nisa recently teamed up with the NHS Better Health campaign, enabling partners to help their customers easily spot other nutritional options on the shelves thanks to a range of in-store ‘Good Choice’ point of sale materials provided through the symbol group.

Shoppers can also quickly and easily identify healthier food swaps in Nisa stores with the Better Health Food Scanner app, which is free to download.

Walker added: “Consumers continue to be up against a flood of unhealthy food options, and we want to help to ensure our partners can provide their community access to affordable options to help promote a healthier lifestyle.”

Deals are available in store now and will be available until 31st May.