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Nisa retailer Jig Patel opens new Nisa store in Glossop

Nisa retailer Jig Patel has opened a new Nisa Local store in the heart of Glossop, near Manchester. This new store, previously a Londis, marks Jig’s second Nisa store, complementing his already successful site in Stockport.

The transition from Londis to Nisa was influenced by the strong relationship Jig has developed with symbol group, the success of his Stockport store, and the extensive product availability and support provided by Nisa, including the popular 'chill and freeze' offering.

“We decided to open a second store due to investment and the prime location. Our positive experience with Nisa at our other store made it an easy choice to continue our partnership. We appreciate working with Nisa for their product availability, competitive pricing, and strong support,” said Jig Patel.

Since its opening a couple of weeks ago, the new store has seen strong trade, benefiting from its prime village centre location, directly across from a school, attracting a diverse customer base. The store has extended its evening opening hours from 5pm to 8pm, enhancing convenience for local residents and boosting footfall.

The store leverages the strength of the Co-op’s own brand, which is particularly popular for its quality and competitive pricing. Key product categories driving sales include dairy products, frozen meal deals, and fresh fruit and vegetables. To better serve its customers, the store has recently doubled its stock and focused on enhancing its 'chill and freeze' items.

Jig’s Stockport store, which he has owned since 2012, is also undergoing refurbishment and continues to perform well.

Tony Pickford, retail development manager at Nisa, commented: “It has been fantastic to work with Jig to launch his new Nisa Local store in Glossop and it has been brilliant to hear the site has been an early hit with the local community. I’m looking forward to working with Jig and help him achieve his ambitions as an independent retailer.”

We appreciate working with Nisa for their product availability, competitive pricing, and strong support.
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