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Nisa retailers enjoy growth with Scan & Save

Retailers using Jisp’s Scan & Save mobile application (app) solution are reaping the rewards, none more so than partners of Nisa who have seen significant growth in sales since signing up to the loyalty and rewards platform.

Since the app was made available to Nisa retailers at the start of 2022, there have been over 1.2million AR voucher scans and approaching 1million redemptions made in Nisa stores alone with Scan & Save. This has resulted in over £1.46m in added sales through the app and over £700,000 in discounts to shoppers in those participating Nisa stores.

One Nisa retailer who is enjoying life with Jisp is Andrew Newton at Nisa Local Colley Gate who has seen sales increase by over 20% since launching Scan & Save in store.

“Jisp Scan & Save is the best thing to happen to the store,” said Andrew. “Footfall is up, basket spend is up, sales are up! We have around 620 active users of the app and about 100 of those use Scan & Save with us on a daily basis. It’s going so well we’ve gone from a small table display to 19.5m of shelving dedicated to Scan & Save promoted products, and we’re increasing that again soon by another 31m.”

Data taken from Jisp’s top 10 performing stores, of which Colley Gate is one, show that on average, Scan & Save boosts sales by £100,000 per annum while delivering over £30,000 of discounts to shoppers – a vital loyalty driver in the current cost of living crisis.

“Since its launch Scan & Save has been working wonders for retailers and shoppers alike,” said Ilann Hepworth, managing director of Jisp. “When we developed the concept, we were very aware of the potential for a cost-of-living crisis post-pandemic and knew that people would be looking for value and moving away from the many home delivery-based solutions that did so well during COVID lockdown but did so at a price premium.

“We instead refocused our efforts on providing a discounting and loyalty rewards platform for the convenience sector, helping the retailer grow margins and build shopper loyalty at no expense to them, while helping the customer save hundreds of pounds on their grocery shopping bill.”


James Taylor, Head of Central Operations at Nisa, added: “It’s fantastic to see shoppers in Nisa stores taking advantage of the Scan & Save app and Nisa retailers seeing the benefit of that through footfall, basket size and sales.

“We know that value is crucial for shoppers up and down the country right now and it’s brilliant that Nisa’s partnership with Jisp is helping those customers take advantage of eye-catching discounts across a range of products.”

The Scan & Save app offers a loyalty and reward scheme for independent retailers, creating money-off vouchers and rewards that can only be used in a specific local store, ensuring shopper loyalty to local businesses.

Shopping locally brings the benefits of the sticky pound to retailers and shoppers alike, with over 60% of every pound spent in local stores and businesses staying in the local economy compared to 40% with larger multi-site companies.

Scan & Save is free to retailers, drives increased sales, basket size, spend, frequency and shares brand investment with the retailer, something no other platform offers. A small deposit is payable for stores needing the Jisp Mini device, but this is returned after 12 months trading with Jisp.

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