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Nisa retailers reap benefits of Snappy Shopper partnership

Snappy Shopper, the cutting-edge home delivery app and web platform, is celebrating its 50th milestone with symbol group Nisa as stores continue to take on the app since the partnership began in September last year.

Snappy Shopper has seen the relationship grow from strength to strength with Nisa and, in fewer than four months, over 50 stores have been onboarded and are now trading successfully.


Andy Batt, Head of Group Development at Snappy Shopper, said: “Our home delivery app offers customers a friendly convenient trusted service direct to their doorsteps and we are delighted to see so many Nisa retailers choose our solution.

“Every month thousands more new customers start using our app because of the speed of service and the wide range of products participating stores provide. As demand on our platform has grown throughout the pandemic, shoppers realise the value of local convenience stores and our home delivery app is playing a huge part in that. It is great to have the opportunity to work with Nisa and support them with their development of home delivery,” he added.

Close collaboration between the two businesses has enabled Snappy Shopper to quickly identify suitable Nisa stores. “We have been working with Nisa to identify stores with the potential to succeed with the Snappy Shopper app. We have also taken the Nisa team through the onboarding process, so retailers are supported in every way through the process.

“We work jointly to optimise retailer performance during the initial stages and we are delighted to see how the partnership is progressing. It is important to us that retailers and the group as a whole can make the most of the partnership,” said Batt.

I really think this is the future. You have to look ahead and as more and more businesses are going online, we have to have that offer too.

Every Nisa store joining Snappy Shopper benefits from the unique onboarding, launch and sales ramp up process, which see operations and marketing teams working hand in hand to ensure stores reach their full sales potential as quickly as possible.

“We are looking to establish Snappy Shopper as the most cost-effective option for Nisa retailers whilst providing them with best-in-class tech support and account management. Our overall package is already driving incremental sales revenue for Nisa’s ODC (On Demand Convenience) channel,” said Batt.

Benedict Selvaratnam, Nisa partner and owner of The Wine Cellar, Nisa Local Croydon, launched Snappy Shopper four months ago and believes offering delivered services to his shoppers is a necessity to future proof his business. “Our delivery numbers are growing steadily, and in-store sales have increased since we launched the service. We’re seeing new faces in the store who are coming in to see what we have once they have used us on Snappy Shopper.

“We’re also seeing a lot of repeat custom on the app with the same names coming back every week. They are loyal and sustainable, and the sales are steady with average basket spend of about £25 although we also have some unique customers who spend upwards of £100 on each delivery.

“You need to be organised and stay on top of stock control, but this is helping us to future proof our business. Shopper habits have changed and offering customers the choice of ordering their shopping to be delivered allows us to stay relevant and in line or ahead with the competition.”

Harry Ahmed, owner of Nisa Local Greenock launched Snappy Shopper just before Christmas and hasn’t looked back. “The app is driving sales for us in store as well as online with around 80% of our app shopper’s new customers.

“We’re doing 35 to 40 deliveries every day and the orders vary from a few items all the way up to a full shop with average basket spend about £35 but going up to around £150.

“Initially I was worried the online sales would have a negative impact on sales in the shop but if anything, it has had the opposite effect with sales up. We get people ordering twice and even three times a day and it was clearly a much-needed service in our area.

“I really think this is the future. You have to look ahead and as more and more businesses are going online, we have to have that offer too.”

Ian Bacon from Nisa, said: “We always encourage our Nisa partners to provide essential services for customers and Snappy Shopper allows them to get on board with the home delivery service quickly.

“It’s great that we’re able to join forces with Snappy Shopper to support Nisa retailers to avail of these services in their local communities. We know offering delivered services is a great way for Nisa partners to reach even more shoppers which is increasingly important and we look forward to seeing how the partnership progresses during 2021.”

There are currently over 50 Nisa stores signed up to offer the Snappy Shopper home delivery service and the group expects up to 250-500 more Nisa stores use the app by end of 2021.

Having grown from a handful of stores in 2019, Snappy Shopper is now available in 650 stores across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As a cutting-edge home delivery app used at hundreds of local convenience stores across the UK and delivering to over 100,000 customers, stores also benefit from Snappy Shoppers national advertising campaign which is currently running on TV, radio and digital channels.