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Nisa’s strong availability drives Ashok's expansion plans

A new Nisa Local has opened Edinburgh under the leadership of retailer Ashok Pothugunta, a veteran in the retail industry with over 15 years of experience with Nisa. 

The store, which will be Ashok’s ninth store with Nisa, is poised for its grand opening scheduled for early July.

The store features a modern and inviting design that caters to the needs of today's customers, with sleek fixtures and ample lighting creating a pleasant shopping environment.

One of the key highlights is the bakery section, offering a variety of fresh pastries, breads, and cakes sourced from local bakeries.

Additionally, the store includes an expansive ‘Food to Go’ area, designed to provide quick and convenient ready-to-eat meal options, from freshly made sandwiches and salads to hot meals.

Located near Edinburgh University, the new store’s offering caters to its student customers, providing a tailored selection of products that include ready meals, global cuisine, and affordable meal deals.

These offerings are designed to provide convenience, variety, and value-key considerations for students on the go.

Ashok has been with Nisa for 15 years and partly attributes this to Nisa’s high level of availability and extensive product range.

In addition to the Edinburgh store, Ashok is opening a Nisa Local store in Waterlooville later this summer. That store will have a slightly different offering, showcasing gluten free products as well as local meats, benefiting from Nisa’s 97% year-to-date availability levels.  

“We pride ourselves on the reliability of our product supply,” Ashok remarks. “Nisa’s commitment to providing a diverse and extensive range of products ensures that our shelves are always stocked, which is crucial for meeting the dynamic needs of our customers.

“This reliable availability is key to ensuring that every customer leaves our store satisfied with their shopping experience. It's this level of service and support that has nurtured our long-standing partnership with Nisa.'

The store also benefits greatly from access to the Co-op own range, Ashok said, as before becoming a Nisa, the store was previously Co-op.

“Our customers really benefit from access to the Co-op own brand as it is a line they are already familiar with and trust for its high quality and good value,” explains Ashok.

“This familiarity, combined with competitive pricing, makes our offerings particularly appealing, ensuring that our customers can always find what they need at prices they appreciate.”

This reliable availability is key to ensuring that every customer leaves our store satisfied with their shopping experience.
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