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Nisa teaming up with the Better Health campaign

Nisa Retail has teamed up with the Better Health campaign to help raise awareness among shoppers about healthier food choices for the whole family.

As part of the activity to support the Better Health Food Scanner campaign from the Department of Health and Social Care, Nisa partners will receive point of sales material comprising window posters, small talkers and wobblers enabling them to use them in their stores to demonstrate support for the campaign.

Messaging will also feature on Nisa radio and further support will come via Nisa’s digital channels to encourage and engage shoppers in the campaign.

Nisa teaming up with the Better Health campaign Article Image

The Better Health campaign is here to help families eat better and move more. Families are up against a flood of unhealthy food options, so Better Health has updated the NHS Food Scanner App to make it easier for parents to find healthier food and drink for their children by making a few easy swaps.

The app allows shoppers to scan products and find healthier alternatives with a selection of Co-op own-brand items qualifying as “good choice” products within the app. This is in addition to fruit and vegetables which are automatically included as healthy choices.

Regan Howard, brand manager at Nisa said: “This is an exciting opportunity for Nisa to be involved with a national campaign; helping to educate shoppers into making better choices and enabling Nisa partners to demonstrate that they are responsible retailers who care about their shoppers."

“It is also a timely opportunity to support those partners who will need to make changes due to new HFSS regulations coming later this year.”

Over the coming months Nisa will continue to support the campaign helping to educate shoppers whilst positioning Nisa as a destination for a healthy choice for meals.

Further details about the Better Health campaign can be found here.