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Own label triumph for Nisa retailers

The introduction of Co-op own-label products into Nisa partner stores is reaping rewards with many retailers seeing increases in both sales and margins.

More than 850 lines have been rolled out to partners since the acquisition of Nisa by Co-op in May last year and the final phase of the roll-out will commence in April, making almost 2,000 Co-op own-brand products, across all categories, available to Nisa partners.

Sales of Co-op own-brand to Nisa partners have grown weekly since the launch with an average 60% of all own-label sales now being Co-op. Co-op own brand also accounts for 16% of all Nisa sales volume or one in six products sold.

In excess of 6% of all Nisa sales to partners is now made up of Co-op own brand, demonstrating that Nisa retailers are buying into the range and enjoying the high-quality brand that shoppers trust and around 98% of Nisa partners have now purchased Co-op products from Nisa.

Chilled lines are the real drivers for Nisa retailers with milk, fresh poultry, fresh meat and sandwiches all performing well.

The overall picture for own brand within Nisa is positive, with combined sales of Heritage and Co-op labels seeing a 15% lift, year to date.

Jack Matthews of Bradleys Supermarket in Quorn, and member of the Nisa Monitoring Group, said: “The brand power has been bigger than I could have imagined. We’re proud that we can remain a strong independent retailer and want people to see the own label as a brand, like Coca Cola, that we now stock for more choice.

“Overall margin works out really well and any good retailer will understand that you need to get people in and move the key areas such as bread, milk, meat and so on, but you make the money on the wider range.

“I’m very excited about this year and having the entire range available to us so we can get in everything that we want.”

Richard Williams, owner of Williams Supermarket in Somerton, said: “Sales have gone up by 6% since Co-op products came into our store and margins are at 24 to 25%. The Co-op products are excellently packaged with a very good story behind them. Ethically they are very good, and we are very proud to be stocking them.”

At Taylors of Tickhill, Christopher Taylor is delighted with the success of fresh produce: “Since moving to the Co-op label, fruit and vegetables, with date codes, have delivered a three-fold increase in sales volume on certain products. Asparagus, avocados, trimmed green beans, raspberries and blueberries are all performing really well and delivering great profit.”