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Raising a glass to Fairtrade

Nisa’s independent retailers have even more opportunity to support Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and beyond through the sale of wine.

In an industry first, Co-op has just announced that all South African wine stocked in its range, is now Fairtrade, meaning Nisa partners can tap into this and strengthen their own Fairtrade wine offer.

In total there are 26 Fairtrade wines available to Nisa retailers including all Co-op South African varieties along with other Co-op wines and a selection of branded lines.

To further cement its commitment to the South African wine industry, which was hit hard by the impact of Covid-19, Co-op has invested £800k through donations and social premium into a start-up winery, Fairroots, in Olifants River South Africa.

Raising a glass to Fairtrade Article Image

Supporting both the vineyard’s operations and its training programmes, the funding allows Fairroots to develop an education centre, in addition to environment and financial training. The winery spans over 34 hectares, with eight permanent workers, plus additional seasonal producers and Co-op will eventually sell wine from here in its stores, with 206 people benefitting from its sales.

Edward Robinson, Co-op Fairtrade wine buyer said: “At the Co-op we have been involved in the sale of Fairtrade wine right from the beginning and for us the last seventeen years or so has been a journey towards forging closer relationship with our suppliers, providing better quality and value for our customers and - most importantly of all - doing everything we can to support the most important people in the chain: the vineyard workers and their families. With this in mind we are incredibly proud to be announcing that all our South African wines will now be made according to Fairtrade standards.”

Victoria Lockie, Head of Retail at Nisa, said: “We know shoppers are increasingly interested in supporting ethical shopping and adding Fairtrade wines into their range, gives Nisa retailers a great opportunity to show their shoppers how they are supporting the Fairtrade movement. Being able to offer independent retailers such a wide choice of Fairtrade products is really exciting and something that helps make Nisa partners’ stores stand out.”

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