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Record numbers re-fitting stores and reaping the rewards

A record number of Nisa’s independent retailers are investing in the future of their business by undergoing development programmes at their stores.

More than 50 shops belonging to Nisa partners have been refurbished by Nisa’s format and development team already this year and more are lined up ready to start work with an added incentive of a 10% saving on all new re-fits until the end of the year.

In total 53 stores were developed between January and April this year of which 27 were new to Nisa and 26 converted from an existing fascia - either older Nisa branding or independent fascias.

Record numbers re-fitting stores and reaping the rewards Ash's Nisa Local Shop front of store fascia

Nisa’s Evolution store format and fascia has been an increasingly popular choice for partners, making up 45 of the 53 installations this year.

And partners have repeatedly reported strong sales uplifts on completion of store development with latest figures showing average growth of around 11%.

Gary Batten, a longstanding Nisa partner based in Cornwall, completed a refit of his St Stephen store in January this year having invested profits made during the height of the Covid crisis back into his business.

Gary said he had waited a long time to re-fit the store and decided the time was right.

“I really wanted to secure the profitability of the store and make it fit for the future. We’ve increased our food to go area by about 50%, and extended our chiller run by the same amount, added in a full Co-op own label range across all categories and the changes are really working for us.”

He said sales have increased in the Cornish store week on week post re-fit with an underlying trend of around 15% growth in weekly turnover.

Record numbers re-fitting stores and reaping the rewards Nisa Local front of store fascia

Head of format and development at Nisa, Darren May, said: “We are seeing increasing demand for re-fits from partners, and I’m really pleased with the growing desire to improve stores and offer customers the best possible shopping experience.

The Nisa format team works closely with partners and shop fitters to create the ideal solution for each individual location, and we are very proud of the bespoke service we offer.”

Nisa’s recently launched rebate scheme, Fresh Rewards*, offers greatest returns to retailers with a Nisa fascia, with up to 5.5% achievable. And the current 10% discount off all re-fits carried out using Nisa approved shopfitters, is also encouraging partners to invest.

*Fresh Rewards, provides the opportunity for partners to unlock up to 5.5% rebate based on their weekly spend. The entry threshold for a 1% rebate starts at £4,000 and partners can earn up to 4% rebate by spending £12,000 or more. Additional benefits are also available for having a Nisa or co-branded fascia and embracing Co-op own brand products. An instant example of what Fresh Rewards rebate could be is available via the Nisa rebate calculator.

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