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Renewing the mission to fight food waste

Nisa is strengthening its support of food waste fighting app Too Good To Go with a new campaign to increase the number of Nisa retailers signed up and help further reduce food waste.

To mark two years of working with Too Good To Go, a mission has been launched to grow the partnership to 1,000 stores and in doing so save more than two million kilograms of CO2e emissions from going to waste, the annual emissions of 300 UK residents.

Too Good To Go helps Nisa independent retailers fight food waste Article Image

Currently 100 Nisa stores are involved in the Too Good To Go partnership, between them saving more than 46,000 Magic Bags of food in the last 48 months and saving 115,000kg of CO2e from going to waste.

A video has been created to promote the partnership with Nisa partners Fighting Food Waste with Too Good To Go along with a flyer that is being shared with partners by Nisa’s retail development managers to raise awareness and get them involved.

Ian Bacon who has recently taken on responsibility for leading the Too Good To Go partnership at Nisa, said: “This new momentum is really exciting, and we are confident we can work with Too Good To Go to hit our ambitious target and get 1,000 Nisa stores on board over the next year."

“The stores already using Too Good To Go have shared positive feedback about the simplicity of the system and the impact it has on the community, and we are actively promoting the initiative on store visits and in conversations with our partners."

“As the demand for fresh food in convenience stores grows, there is always a risk of waste and the Too Good To Go app is a great way of reducing that and at the same time doing something positive and helping to save the planet - one Magic Bag at a time.”

Store manager Sunna Hussain from Caledonian Road Nisa Local in North London said: “Too Good To Go is the perfect solution for reducing food waste. It has enabled us to get our food in front of a whole new audience. The app was fast and easy to implement."

“I would definitely recommend Too Good To Go to other convenience stores that are trying to reduce their food waste.”

Jay Javid, from PGNJ Limited, a Nisa partner based in Glasgow, said: “We launched Too Good To Go about six months ago and have saved £15,000 worth of food going to waste in nine stores. It’s a brilliant concept.”

Paschalis Loucaides, UK Managing Director at Too Good To Go, said he’s thrilled to have Nisa’s support.

He said: “I’m excited to build on this great success together, to ensure that even more food is eaten and enjoyed, instead of wasted. Reducing food waste is the number one solution to tackling climate change and I’m looking forward to taking even bigger strides in our partnership with Nisa so we can pave the way for a brighter, greener future”.

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