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Retailers set up to score more sales with Nisa

Nisa is raising its game for the World Cup and helping its independent retailers make the most of the football frenzy.

To boost trading and drive footfall in stores, a much-enhanced level of the marketing support is being delivered alongside a host of special deals and promotions to meet the needs of anyone planning to get together for the game.

In an exciting step for Nisa and its customers, a partnership with the TalkSport Breakfast Show is in place for the entire duration of the tournament which ensures Nisa is featured on game days as well as rest days for the next month.

Retailers set up to score more sales with Nisa Article

With more than 2 million listeners across the UK, the partnership will help to raise awareness of the Nisa brand whilst promoting some of the best deals available in stores.

The key deals for the football focus on match day meal solutions and treats, with the cost of living continuing to play an important role.

Laura Gomersal, Head of Customer and Communications at Nisa said: “The World Cup offers a fantastic opportunity for Nisa retailers to drive footfall and sales. Based on the insight that’s informed our campaign, we’re expecting to see a significant increase in at home get togethers compared to previous summer tournaments, as shoppers look to find ways to save money during the cost-of-living crisis."

“Alongside the new Big Deal (two Co-op pizzas and a 4pk of Budweiser for £6), which went live in stores last week in time for the start of the World Cup, we’ve a strong promotional plan including four Co-op burgers and fries meal for £4, perfect for big match get togethers."

“We know from previous similar sporting events, beer is a real hero category, so we’ll be featuring deals on a range of pack sizes to suit any occasion, no matter how big or small, all of which keep shoppers coming back for more during the tournament."

“By partnering with the TalkSport Breakfast Show we’re reaching over 2.1 million football fans listening daily and positioning Nisa as the perfect destination for match day food and drink, on your doorstep,” added Laura.

A multi-channel approach has been adopted with national press, themed point of sale that shoppers will see across stores on posters, bunting and shelf talkers as well as digitally on social media channels and the Nisa Locally website.

Nisa’s retailers have been provided with a bank of assets to use on their own digital channels, incorporating engaging and interactive posts for shoppers to engage with.

There are also resources available such as insights and planograms to help maximise the sales opportunities from the football and in the build up to Christmas.

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