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Rolling out next day twilight delivery service at Nisa

Nisa retailers are being offered a new next day delivery service following a trial that has been conducted across the country.

The next day twilight deliveries have been successfully piloted over recent months on certain routes enabling Nisa partners to receive their orders on the evening of day two, having placed their order on day one.

The additional delivery slots are between 5pm and store closing time with retailers receiving a phone call on the day of delivery to advise on an estimated delivery time.

Partners who have been receiving twilight deliveries over the past few months have benefited from the early arrival of their stock ensuring their shelves are always stocked.

Siva Pandian, store manager at Virginia Quays, London, said: “Making use of the evening deliveries has allowed us to get out stock earlier which means we have much better availability for our shoppers.


“We are essentially getting our deliveries a day early and so we always have the stock in our shop. 

“We get a lot of trade in the evenings and it’s important that our shelves are full until we close, and our sales are improving because of the later deliveries.”

Jess Graves, Nisa’s operational improvement and implementation manager, said: “The twilight delivery service has been well received by those partners who have so far signed up to it. It allows them to react to sales, promotions and events and enables them to have everything in store ready to trade the next day.

“We have been trialling ambient next day evening deliveries over the past five months or so and the service has been working well for partners, so the next step is to roll it out across the country and then in the future we will look at the possibility of adding chill into the offer as well.”