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Savvy savings for shoppers

As shoppers tighten their belts after the expensive Christmas period, Nisa retailers are being given a helping hand to continue driving sales with a raft of great deals for customers in the Savvy Savings promotional activity.

According to data from HIM, 40 per cent of Nisa shoppers are on a top up mission and that figure is expected to increase during January as they avoid doing a big shop in favour of smaller purchases to see them through to pay day.

Products being offered at competitive deals include a range of “better than half price” lines such as Tetley tea bags (240 for £3.29), Kenco Smooth and Kenco Rich (200g jars for £3.29), John West tuna chunks in oil, spring water or brine (4pk for £2.69) and Branston Baked Beans (4pk for £1.40).

Other “better than half price” products include top laundry brands such as Comfort fabric conditioner (various sizes £1.63-£3.45), Persil 40 washes Family Pack at £6 as well as Fairy washing up liquid (383ml bottles for 85p).

Head of Marketing at Nisa, Philippe Rondepierre said: “With a high proportion of Nisa shoppers already visiting our retailers’ stores with the intention of a top up shop, the post-Christmas period is an ideal time to increase spending on this mission as customers try to delay big supermarket shops until pay day.

“We know value offers get shoppers into Nisa stores and at this time of year people are looking for ways to save a bit of money. The deals available for Nisa shoppers in January are all very competitive and should help our retailers continue driving sales.”