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Science of shopping

Studying the science of shopping and using the results to make changes which drive sales is how one award-winning Nisa Local store ensures their customers keep coming back.

Two years after a complete re-fit of the 3,000 sq.ft. Nisa Fletton store which saw the introduction of a new focus on fresh, chilled and food to go categories, the team continues to look for innovative ways to ensure shoppers are happy with their offer.

Claire Evans, store manager who moved to the Fletton store as the development was completed in October 2016, said regular analysis of figures enables them to stay tuned in to shopper needs.

“Every quarter we try to have a think about what is and what isn’t selling. We regularly analyse the sales data and decide what needs taking out and what other products need to be put in and whether we just need to move things a bit,” she said.

Just last month the entire first aisle was re-merchandised to draw more shoppers into the store rather than them walking directly from the front of the shop to the till point.

Previously the bay that faced shoppers as they entered the shop displayed ready meals but this now houses filled sandwiches which form part of a meal deal. Crisps, drinks and other items in the deal are situated down the first aisle, encouraging shoppers to make their way further into the shop.

Claire said: “We wanted people to walk in and work their way through the shop but they were actually coming in, picking up their sandwich from the start of the first aisle and reversing, rather than shopping the rest of the store.

“By changing the order of the bays and siting different products further down we’re trying to encourage people to shop a bit more into the store and pick up items on their way round. By moving just a few things round, shoppers are coming in and seeing new products on their way and buy items that they did not come in for.”