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Self-Service checkouts debut in Nisa

The first Self-Checkout (SCO) tills using Nisa’s Evolution EPOS system have been installed in a retailer’s store near Salisbury.

Two Evolution SCOs are now fully operational in the town of Lark Hill in a store owned by father and son team Tony and Dave Hobbs. 

The SCOs, which were installed last week, have been added to the existing Nisa Evolution EPOS system, complementing the two tills already operating on the main counter.

The addition of the SCOs has enabled the retailers to better manage shoppers in their store where queues can build quickly and have been well received by customers.

Dave Hobbs said: “We are situated just outside a military base and it is a very busy little store. Because of the army we often will get minibuses pulling up and 20 to 30 soldiers coming into the shop all at once and so we were really struggling with only the two main tills.

“We had planned to put self-service tills in and so were pleased when Nisa said they were going to start building and installing them.”

Within days of the SCOs arriving in store, shoppers have already started choosing them instead of the main counter, freeing up staff to do tasks on the shop floor.

“We spent a couple of days demonstrating how the tills work, but they are pretty straight forward and our customers have now got into the habit of using them. It means we can have just one member of staff at the counter giving us more time to put out stock and do other jobs elsewhere in the store,” said Dave.

The SCO attendant station is on the existing counter, meaning customers can be easily assisted, age related sales authorised, and transactions transferred to the manned till to complete if needed.

Jonathan Peaker, EPOS sales manager said: “With consumers now leading the trend for smaller, more frequent and convenient shopping, installing an SCO gives customers the choice of fast self-service that many now expect in store, or the more personal service that Nisa partners and their staff will continue to provide through a manned till point.

“We were delighted to showcase our Evolution Self-Checkout at Nisa’s annual exhibition at Stoneleigh earlier this year and so it is fantastic to have now completed the successful first installation in a partner’s store.”