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Shirine Khoury-Haq headlines ACS Conference 2024 alongside Nisa retailers

Co-op Group CEO Shirine Khoury-Haq was the headline speaker at this year's Association of Convenience Conference in Birmingham with two Nisa retailers also sitting on expert retailer panels. 

Shirine spoke at length about a wide range of industry topics including retail crime, loyalty pricing, value, the new minimum wage and many other issues currently being experienced across the convenience sector. 

The Group CEO also touched on the importance of Co-op own-brand to both Co-op and Nisa stores and the value it brings to retailers. 

Speaking at the conference, Shirine said: "The golden thread which ties all our businesses together is Co-op own brand, which is our jewel in the crown.

"1 in 4 products sold at Nisa are Co-op branded and more than 90% of our customers buy regularly and it remains a key part of Nisa’s proposition as many Nisa retailers have reported sales increases from switching to Co-op own brand products.

"We’re proud of the flexibility at Nisa and have more than 1,400 business-to-business partners, ranging from convenience stores and supermarkets, through to forecourts and holiday parks, in addition to our wholesale customers, who have access to our amazing own-brand products in more than 130 countries.

"Last year, more than 400 new retailers started trading with Nisa, and as part of our ambitious growth targets, we’re aiming to do the same again in 2024.

"For the independent sector, we are clear that we have the best in market proposition, to allow entrepreneurs to flourish and drive success, powered by the Co-op. So, we’re focused on combining the best of Co-op and Nisa to accelerate our wholesale growth. We already have significant reach, and whilst it is highly competitive, we’ve got huge potential to unlock more. We are investing in developing platforms that our partners can plug into in order to leverage our expertise and technology for their own customers’ benefit."

Successful Nisa retailers Jack Matthews and Jonathan Tout were also invited on stage during the conference as guest panellists to discuss best practice and useful advice to other independent retailers in the room.

The golden thread which ties all our businesses together is Co-op own brand, which is our jewel in the crown.
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