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Snappy Shopper and Nisa celebrate £12m in sales

The fastest-growing home delivery app serving convenience stores, Snappy Shopper and its partnership with Nisa has delivered a whopping £12m in sales since they joined forces in 2020.

With a total of 77 Nisa stores across the UK, the number of orders hit nearly 500,000, with an average order value of £26.70. The highest performing store is Nisa Nitshill in Glasgow. It has achieved an impressive £2.2m sales since 2020, with £1m of those sales in the last year alone.

While Nisa Bellshill and Megasave Sofie’s Nisa in Bridgend have both averaged over half a million orders during the last year, with an average basket spend of £25.90. Most notably, Nisa Local Harden Road in Walsall surpassed £300,000 orders in its first full year of partnering with Snappy Shopper.

This success demonstrates that the convenience sector is going from strength to strength as Snappy Shopper continues to invest significantly in supporting local businesses to drive incremental sales and expand their customer base.


Danial Nadeem, Nisa Bellshill Store Owner said: “We’ve been with Snappy Shopper since January 2020 and what a journey it’s been. It’s become a full-blown operation, currently running at around 40 – 50 delivery per day. Snappy did a lot of the work for us, including paid advertising in the local area. Customers are more than happy to jump on it and give it a try. 80% of customers are fully delivered and don’t usually shop with us and Snappy Shopper’s promotional deals always do fantastic! The support and the retail feedback taken on is spot on. I wouldn’t change it for a single thing.”

James Taylor, Head of Operations at Nisa, said: “At Nisa we’re committed to ensuring our retailers are at the heart of the decisions we make. Partnering with Snappy Shopper was a decision we knew would drive mutual success. Reaching £12m sales is a fantastic achievement. Since teaming up with Snappy Shopper sales have gone from strength to strength. Our stores are benefiting hugely from the partnership, particularly Nisa Nitshill which is outperforming all 77 stores.”

Mike Callachan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Snappy Shopper, said: “We’re delighted with these latest sales results – hitting £12m sales is a milestone for us. Our partnership with Nisa continues to thrive and it’s great to see individual stores benefiting from our technology. The demand for home delivery and the desire to shop locally is greater than ever.

“Our model of partnering with retailers and using our world class technology to enable the existing network of convenience stores, is the most sustainable way to meet the growing consumer demand for rapid grocery delivery.”

Nisa retailers can partner with Snappy Shopper by completing a registration form:

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