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Social media storm for Nisa retailer

A Southend shopkeeper has become a Facebook phenomenon after a local blogger posted a story online asking whether he was the “friendliest and happiest” man in the business?

The article about Kash Tripedi, who has been running his store in Woodgrange Drive for 30 years, was published on the Your Southend page and has been seen by more than 50,000 people and commented on by an astonishing 800 plus, all of whom have given their own testimonials. 

James Harrison, content editor for Your Southend, published the story and said: “This is truly one of the most inspirational and effective examples of customer loyalty that I have ever seen. 

“I visited the store in Southend-on-Sea and observed the shopkeeper's extremely high level of customer engagement and customer service. 

“I knew something special was happening in that store. He knew 90 per cent of his customers personally by name.”

Afer posting the story on social media hundreds of Kash’s customers from the past 30 years flocked to the site to give their own personal accounts of their experience in his shop, praising him for his friendly attitude and welcoming smile.

Kash, who joined Nisa five years ago, bought the shop in 1988 and runs it with his wife as their family business.

He said: “I have a philosophy and that is that anyone who walks through the door and into my shop, is not just a customer, they are a friend. They have chosen to come to my store above the others they passed on the way for a reason. So, we treat them as friends, spend time with them and talk to them – it’s a whole package they get when they come here. I appreciate the effort that people make to come to my store.”

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