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Springing into the 2022 pre-sell

Nisa’s independent retailers are now planning for the second largest retailing opportunity of the year with the launch of the 2022 Spring pre-sell and all Easter has to offer.

Available for Nisa partners to order from tomorrow, this year’s range combines Co-op own-brand alongside branded options to cater for the needs of all customers.

Springing into the 2022 presell

And as well as the popular favourite lines, there is a wide selection of new products available including an Easter NPD from Galaxy which is exclusive to Nisa and Co-op.

Partners are being encouraged to make the most of the sales opportunities with a fast start and getting stock in early.

Chris Walker, offline marketing manager at Nisa, said: “After Christmas, Easter is the largest retailing opportunity and it’s not just Easter but the whole of Spring that has now become a key trading period in the year."

“There is an abundance of NPD featured in our brochure, including a Nisa and Co-op exclusive, and these products should really drive excitement among shoppers and offer a point of difference to our partners.”

This year’s brochure includes details of ‘Ways to Win’ this season and highlights the all-important must-stocks for 2022. It also sets out plans and suggested products for early, mid, and late season and provides key insights and category management advice to support partners get the very best out of the period.

Printed brochures have been despatched to partners this week and the brochure is also available online via Nisa’s order capture system.