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Surfing for success on new Nisa website

Nisa’s new website, designed to provide a single solution to effectively demonstrate the Nisa offering, is proving to be a valuable asset for the business with the number of enquiries from prospective partners rocketing.

A huge piece of work was undertaken to consolidate and strengthen Nisa’s public facing web presence, providing a modern and professional digital platform that will support the business and serve a wide range of key stakeholders for years to come.

Surfing for success on new Nisa website mobile and laptop devices

And since its launch in July this year, up to the end of October, Nisa has seen an increase of 230% in leads generated from the website year-on-year as compared to the same period last year. Of those, 80% were generated from organic searches, coming via search engines, which is an increase of 467% year-on-year for the same period in 2019.

In October alone, there was an increase of 190% year-on-year for the same period, of which 81% came from organic searches, an increase of 418% of organic leads generated year-on-year.

Head of marketing at Nisa, Laura Gomersal, said: “Since the recent website relaunch, 82% of our generated leads are now organic and coming from Google search. With multiple domains previously, we effectively had many different sites competing for rankings. Now, under one domain and a consolidated website with lots of great content, we’ve achieved significantly more visibility in Google that we otherwise would have missed out on.”

Surfing for success on new Nisa website retailers on mobile device

The Nisa website was transformed to provide a solution that clearly and effectively demonstrates the Nisa offering, catering for consumers, partners, prospective partners, trade press and many others.

Prior to the new website’s development, the different domains existed and evolved separately including the consumer-facing website, Nisa corporate site, Making a Difference Locally, the Join-Nisa site and others. Now all have been consolidated to create one comprehensive platform that includes a suite of information on the business and all things related to Nisa.

Lee McDonald, Digital Lead at Nisa, said: “This is a substantial milestone in Nisa’s journey and not solely from a digital perspective. This platform replaces many tired, and confusing, legacy domains which were constructed in such a manner that Google was not Nisa’s greatest ally.”

Surfing for success on new Nisa website recipe on mobile device

Visitors to the site can now view all the latest offers and delicious recipes, read the latest news, learn about the company’s history, MADL, Co-op and much more, while there is a host of information for prospective new partners and the benefits of joining Nisa can be found in just a few clicks.

The website now also has a far cleaner look and feel making it easy for shoppers to find their local store and subsequently visit, via the clearly visible store locator links throughout the site; even giving consumers the facility to set their local store as their favourite.

Lee added: “We now have solid technical foundations from which to build and enable Nisa to satisfy the needs of many varying, stakeholder groups in a time where the need for digital transformation has been accelerated inordinately and digital is now a critical tool in Nisa’s commercial arsenal.”