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The Proudfoot Group report 75% sales increase following switch to Co-op’s flower range

The Proudfoot Group has reported sales increases of 75% following a switch to offer Co-op’s flower range in-store.

As a Nisa retailer, The Proudfoot Group has access to over 2,400 Co-op own brand SKUs including a comprehensive Co-op Fairtrade flower range.

Since switching their floristry supply during May 2023, The Proudfoot Group have reported an increase by 75% across their five stores in Scarborough. Sales within the Newby store have increased by 50%.

Co-op is the largest UK retailer for Fairtrade flowers, and in 2018 became the first retailer to only use 100% Fairtrade roses when sourced from Africa.

Co-op was also the first to sign up to the new International Fairtrade Sourcing Ingredients model for flowers.


Valerie Aston, Director of The Proudfoot Group, said: “Two months ago our local florist, who supplied Proudfoot Newby, decided to step back to concentrate on their wedding and funeral business.

“We discussed whether to look for an alternative local florist but knowing the quality, value, contribution to MADL and ethics of the Co-op range we decided to stock directly from our relationship with Nisa.

“The sales increases since that move have been phenomenal and the quality of the stock has been a real hit in our stores.

“The Fairtrade element of the range is something I know a lot of customers are passionate about and being able to access these SKUs is a real benefit to us as a business.”


Making a Difference Locally (MADL) is a charity launched to help independently run local stores to add value to their communities. The charity helps the stores achieve this by allowing them to nominate charities or good causes that are local to them to receive a specific donation from us. Donations may be to local sports teams, hospices or one of the many charities operating in the UK.

The communities supported are those which are served by local independently owned convenience stores that are customers of Nisa.

The charity helps Nisa stores raise money that can then be donated to local charities and good causes. This is done through the sale of selected products in store, including the Co-op’s own brand flower range.

Every time an item included in the scheme is purchased, a proportion of the price is added to the store’s MADL fund, and this is then donated to good causes in that store’s local area.


Victoria Lockie, Head of Retail at Nisa, added: “Being a Nisa retailer has many, many benefits but the access to so many Co-op own label SKUs is a game changer for many.

“The quality and range in the Co-op’s flower range is fantastic and I’m so pleased to hear about the positive impact this has had for The Proudfoot Group in terms of sales.

“It is clear that the Co-op is leading the way in terms of Fairtrade flowers in the UK and this is yet another fantastic reason to join Nisa.”

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