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Time to tune in for the news on Nisa

Nisa’s Sales Director Steve Leach recently recorded a podcast with Oliver Banks, an expert in retail transformation and change.

Over two episodes, Steve talked about the Nisa business model and ways of working to help make independent supermarkets more successful.

In episode one - you’ll find out:

  • Who are Nisa? (And what is their purpose).
  • How to say Nisa (This is one of the most common questions it turns out!).
  • What is Nisa’s business model work and how does it work?
  • How are they looking to grow even further.
  • Why the acquisition by Coop delivers even more benefit to Nisa members.

And to conclude the story, episode two - talks about:

  • How Nisa support partners with making the most of their physical stores.
  • Why Nisa are looking to continue to strengthen social media.
  • How Steve led the Nisa team through the acquisition by Co-op. 
  • Also, what would be Steve’s key takeaways and lessons learnt from merging with the Co-op team and culture.
  • And, what’s next for the next stage of Nisa’s growth and expansion.

Visit the Retail Transformation website for more details