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Too Good To Go helps Nisa independent retailers fight food waste

Nisa independent retailers have saved almost 40,000 Magic Bags of food from going to waste through their partnership with surplus food app, Too Good To Go.

Since the first stores signed up in September 2019, there are now 133 Nisa sites actively fighting food waste with the Too Good To Go app. Together, these retailers have prevented 39,817 Magic Bags of food from being thrown away, saving 99,524.5kg CO2e from going to waste - the equivalent of that emitted from charging 17,618,924 smartphones.

Too Good To Go helps Nisa independent retailers fight food waste Article Image

Leading the food waste movement, Too Good To Go lets people buy surplus food and drink from restaurants, grocery stores, pubs, producers and now cinemas to stop it from going to waste.

Richard Shorney, Nisa Retail Development Manager, said: “We’re always encouraging Nisa’s independent retailers to sign up to the app and have so many real success stories from across the business. It’s such an easy system to get involved in and it means retailers are seeing less waste as well as getting new shoppers in their stores.”

Paschalis Loucaides, UK Managing Director, Too Good To Go, said: “It’s brilliant to have had such a big impact in under two years of our partnership with Nisa’s independent retailers. Having doubled the number of Nisa stores signed up to fight food waste with us since September 2020, we’re now able to ensure that even more food is eaten and enjoyed instead of wasted. We’re looking forward to welcoming even more retailers into our community in the coming weeks and months.”

Amrit Pahal of H and Jodie’s Nisa Local in Walsall is a big supporter of the Too Good To Go app.  He said: “We’ve been using it for some time and find it an amazing tool for helping us reduce our food waste. We’re virtually throwing away nothing now.”