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Winning in Wales with Amacor

Acquisitive convenience group AMACOR Capital have signed a deal which sees them take on their third former Co-op site this week.

The new store, situated in Garden Village, Wrexham, will be the 16th for the group bringing them another step closer to the target 20 shops by year end.

AMACOR took on two other former Co-op stores last month in Bradford and Newton-le-Willows.

Winning in Wales with Amacor Article Image

The latest acquisition has been fitted with a Nisa Local fascia and services including Costa Coffee, Tango Ice Blast and Paypoint are to be added alongside the existing Post Office.

The range is also set to be expanded to include more Welsh products, linking in with local suppliers as well as refining the Co-op own brand offer previously available.

Head of Retail at AMACOR, Scott Sandford said: “It’s been another really fast turnaround for us, completing the deal and re-launching within two days and that is part of our strategy.

“As we are getting more familiar with the Co-op set up, we’re able to reduce the time we need to get the store ready, closing and re-opening as soon as possible.

“Our focus is on ensuring our customers experience minimal disruption and when they walk into their new store, they’re met with the same friendly staff and an even better range of products and services.”

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