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Fresh Rewards

Fresh Rewards

Join Nisa today and unlock up to 5.5% rebate with a market-leading rebate scheme, Fresh Rewards.

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Our Fresh Thinking can help you to grow your business and when you’re part of the Nisa family we will focus on drive your business forward together.

Fresh Rewards has been built on simplicity and fairness - the more you spend the more you could earn.

For an annual subscription fee you’ll get access to quality products, expert insight and tailored support to make you stand out and be the best in your area.

As a Nisa partner you have access to over 2,400 Co-op own brand, Pioneer and Irresistible products, allowing you to stock a range that’s not only well known but also multi award-winning and committed to 100% British meat and championing Fairtrade products, but that caters for a range of missions.

When you stock a credible level of Co-op own brand products based on your store size, you can earn up to 0.5% in additional rebate and help provide customers with an everyday low price point versus the brands. This gives you access to the Honest Value range and a Co-op Proud to Stock POS kit.

To qualify you must have purchased the relevant number of SKUs over a rolling 13-week period timeframe for the size of your store.

Whatever the size of your business, our format propositions are tailored to meet your needs and we can help you find the fit for your ambition. There are a number of fascia options available to our Partners, including an Independent Fascia where you’ll be supported in just the same way as any other Partner, Nisa Express for Partners trading in a smaller format and our forecourts which can help for a food for now shopper mission. This is on top of Nisa Local for stores up to 6,500 sq. Ft and our Nisa Extra supermarket option.

We’re focused on delivering the very best the market has to offer to help you in driving your businesses forward and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can help you run your store in a more profitable and beneficial way.

Rebate levels
£0 - £3,999 No rebate
£4,000 - £6,499 1% rebate
£6,500 - £8,999 2% rebate
£9,000 - £11,999 3% rebate
£12,000 and above 4% rebate
Your Nisa Subscription
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Your Store Details Allocations
Mandatory First for New

First for New mandatory will be reserved for major launches of brands from the UK Top 100 Suppliers, which have invested a minimum of £1m in "above the line" media.

National Allocations

All products featuring in the scheme are advertised in national press and are leaflet deals, to avoid you having to stock up on additional products.

Co-op Credible Range

To qualify you must have purchased at least the number of SKUs outlined over a rolling 13-week timeframe for your store size. We recommend you follow the guidance and suggestions set out in the Co-op Core Essentials Range brochure.

iStore will earn additional an 0.5% rebate if they support the Co-op credible range

Nisa Fascia

Nisa offers a range of Fasciae, suitable for all store formats and locations. Trade under our Express, Local or Extra brands to earn additional rebates. Approved Co-branded Independent stores also have access to this rebate.

i Only applicable to those who plan to support the Co-op Credible own label range in store. Stores will earn additional an 1% rebate if they plan to be a Nisa fascia

Average Weekly Spend

Fresh Rewards are determined by a store's average weekly spend which is based on a 13 week qualifying quarter. A minimum requirement of weekly Ambient orders and minimum Chill & Freeze spend apply.

Example Rebate
Total weekly spend (Qualifies for 4% discount band) £15,000
Minus Tobacco & Spirits £5,000
Qualifying spend x 4% discount £10,000
Average of 13 weekly spend x 4% discount £400
Co-op Credible Range Additional 0.5% rebate £50
Nisa Fascia Additional 1% rebate £100
Total potential quarterly rebate payment (£550 x 13) £7,150
Your Rebate
5.5% You could get a quarterly 5.5% rebate worth 550

This is based on:

  • Average Weekly Spend: £12,000 and above - 4% rebate
  • Co-op Credible Range: Yes, I plan to support the Co-op own label range - additional 0.5% rebate
  • Nisa Fascia: Yes, I plan to be a Nisa fascia - additional 1% rebate
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