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Bacon and pumpkin gnocchi

Bacon and pumpkin gnocchi

The perfect way to use your leftovers from pumpkin carving. This recipe is a quick midweek meal with minimal prep.

10 minutes
20 minutes
4 people
What you'll need
  • 500g gnocchi
  • 500g pumpkin
  • 1 small onion
  • 140g pancetta or bacon
  • 25g butter
  • 25g grated parmesan
  • 20g fresh sage
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
Step 1.

Prepare your ingredients.


Chop the pancetta or bacon into small cubes, thinly slice the onion and shred the sage.


If you’re using Halloween pumpkin leftovers, dice up any big bits. If you’re using a whole pumpkin, cut it in half and deseed before scooping out in the insides and dicing.

Step 2.

In a thick bottomed pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil and cook the bacon or pancetta for a few minutes.


Add the rest of the oil and cook the onion. Continue stirring so it doesn’t stick and cook for 5 minutes until the onion softens and the pancetta is crisp.

Step 3.

Add the butter and let it melt, continuously stirring. Tip in the pumpkin and stir and mix well; season with salt and pepper.


Cover with a lid and cook for 6-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. The pumpkin should be soft but not falling apart.

Step 4.

While the pumpkin cooks, cook your gnocchi according to pack instructions.


Add the gnocchi to the pumpkin mix and stir in the parmesan. Taste and, if necessary, season. 


Serve in your favourite pasta bowls and top with extra parmesan.

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