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Breakfast muffins

Breakfast muffins

All the good stuff about a fry-up breakfast between two buns. We've gone for English muffins but you can use burger buns too.

10 minutes
20 minutes
1 people

These ingredients make one breakfast muffin, so double, treble or quadruple to serve even more!

What you'll need
  • 1 beef burger
  • 1 egg
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • 1 slice of American cheese
  • 1 breakfast muffin, cut in half
Step 1.

Cook the bacon until crispy in a frying pan or under a hot grill.


Remove from the pan or grill and set aside.

Step 2.

Use a flat edge or a burger press to flatten the burger patty so it's nice and thin.


Cook the burger in a pan until the edges are slightly crisp.

Step 3.

In a separate fry pan, toast the muffins bread side down for a minute or so.


Remove from the pan.

Step 4.

Turn the hob to medium heat and coat the pan with oil.


Crack the egg into the pan and let it cook for a few minutes. To make sure all the white is cooked, swill the oil around for it coats the white.


The eggs are done when the white is cooked but the yolk is runny.

Step 5.

Assemble the burger. 


You can use your favourite sauces on the muffin first or just let the egg yolk provide the moisture.


Put the burger on the bottom followed by the cheese, bacon and top with the egg.

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