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Haven and Nisa together raise over £11,000 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Holidaymakers, owners and team members at Haven parks across the UK, together with their official supermarket partner, Nisa have raised £11,187.36 which will be donated to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

Funds were raised in-store through the purchase of Co-op and Heritage own-label products, which carry charitable donations. Despite the fact that Haven parks were closed for over three months during the pandemic, the amount of money raised through the initiative almost equalled that of previous years.

“As ever we are hugely grateful to all those who purchased items that helped support our chosen charity, the RNLI” said Gerard Tempest, Chief Marketing Officer for Haven. “In 2020 the RNLI experienced greater demand for their services but experienced a decrease in funding so the support through the scheme is hugely appreciated.

This year’s sum will be sent through Nisa’s registered charity, Making a Difference Locally (MADL) who saw a record first quarter this year with Nisa-affiliated retailers donating their highest ever Q1 total. Since Nisa formed MADL in 2008, the charity has raised over £12.6 million and supported charities and other good causes with over 13,000 donations.

The RNLI has been Haven’s charitable partner since 2018 and together have organised a range of activities to help save more lives at sea. From supporting fundraising campaigns and organising informative on-site events, to adventure activities designed to help children and families learn about the importance of water safety, and the potential dangers of the ocean, there are many ways that the partnership has worked together.

The annual support from Nisa and Haven is immeasurable when it comes to helping our crews get the job done.

The RNLI offer a 24/7 search and rescue lifeboat service and seasonal lifeguard service on over 240 beaches. Every year their volunteer teams and crews across 238 lifeboat stations save thousands of people, but with coronavirus impeding training courses, lifeboat maintenance and other crucial tasks to carry out their vital work, their job has been made that much harder.

With their amazing teams still answering the call over the past year, and their specialist equipment becoming worn down each time, they need support more than ever. The donations that have come through MADL have helped fund each of these important requirements needed to make sure when a crew venture out to potentially save a person’s life, they themselves are as prepared and protected as much as possible.

“The annual support from Nisa and Haven is immeasurable when it comes to helping our crews get the job done. Everything is appreciated no matter how big or small. Repairs, safety equipment and the proper training does add up, so we’re thankful.” said Ross Martin, Partnerships Manager for the RNLI.