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Grand plans for Guildford garage

An ambitious project is underway in Guildford that will see a Nisa forecourt store triple in size.

Falcon Garage currently stands at 1,500 sq.ft. and already offers a great range to shoppers in a store that is always immaculate and well stocked.

But in 2019 the store will expand into a neighbouring office block with a raft of new concepts to be added to the development.

A high-quality florist concession will be incorporated into the shop along with a standalone vape store, a large food to go operation with instore bakery and a health food section focusing on wholefoods and proteins.

The grocery department will take on a brand-new look in a modular format boasting separate fruit and veg and meat markets, all housed in bespoke displays.

And to the rear of the store will be an impressive off-licence department with a huge range of beers, wines and spirits including locally sourced products with prices to satisfy every pocket.

Owner Mayank Shah said his vision is one of a high-end development which customers choose to shop at as much for the experience as the products.

“I have visited many stores to look at how this is being done elsewhere and looking for inspiration because I want to get the look and feel perfect,” he said.

“The store layout is so important and what I am thinking about is something that will last into the future - the way people will shop in years to come.”

Gary Kemp, business development manager at Falcon Garage added: “It is a fantastic development and a very exciting one. We have an affluent customer base here and I believe what we are going to be offering to them will be really well received.”