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Nisa retailers provide extra support to local communities


Nisa’s independent retailers have stepped up their community support to provide much needed funding to local good causes in their time of need.

At a time when many charities and other good causes face significantly reduced income, stores have donated almost £65,000 through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity to support them and their beneficiaries and ensure those most vulnerable are supported during these challenging times.

Whilst also keeping communities supplied with grocery and household essentials, almost 200 donations have been made by Nisa partners across the UK and Ireland over the last three weeks since the nation was struck by coronavirus on a large scale. Good causes set to benefit from donations include food banks, community action groups and community radio stations, care homes and many more.

Kate Carroll, Nisa’s Head of Charity, said:

In such unprecedented times, we’re delighted that our independent retailers are supporting their local communities in any way they can, from offering home deliveries to providing much-needed financial support via MADL donations.

Charities exist to help the most vulnerable people in our communities, yet they are facing a significant loss of income as a result of the coronavirus outbreak; Nisa retailers have really upped their community support during these times with much more to follow. 

It’s really heart-warming to see local businesses giving back to local causes and funding some essential community support in such challenging times.

Making a Difference Locally has been proudly supporting good causes since 2008 and has made more than 12,000 donations totalling over £9.2 million to date.