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Ellie’s £15
Valentine’s Challenge

Ellie’s £15
Valentine’s Challenge

Ellie was set the task of creating a romantic, yet relaxed meal at home for herself and her partner using £15 worth of ingredients from her nearest Nisa Local store.

5 mins
15 mins
2 people

Luckily, she found everything she needed to prepare a luxurious steak dinner for two, even leaving enough money to pop a bottle of wine into her basket too! 

What you'll need
  • Co-op Rump Steaks Twin pack 
  • McCain Frozen Home Chips 
  • Co-op Handpicked cherry tomatoes
  • Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Rosé Wine 
Step 1 Ellie’s £15
Valentine’s Challenge Step 1

Pop the chips into your air fryer tray and cook at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Step 2 Ellie’s £15
Valentine’s Challenge Step 2

Half the cherry tomatoes with a sharp knife and pop to one side. 

Step 3 Ellie’s £15
Valentine’s Challenge Step 3

Heat a small frying pan on your hob with a dash of oil and a sprinkle of salt. Add the 2 rump steaks to the pan once hot. Cook on either side for approximately 2 minutes until golden brown on each side (more or less depending on how well you like your steak cooked). Add the cherry tomatoes to the frying pan and fry for approximately 1 minute.

Step 4

Add the steaks, chips and tomatoes to 2 serving plates and season with black pepper.

Step 5 Ellie’s £15
Valentine’s Challenge Step 5

Serve with a lovely glass of wine and enjoy!

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Watch Ellie in Action

View this short video to see how Ellie prepared her Valentine’s Day meal for just £15 with ingredients from her Nisa Local store. 

Watch the video

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