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Must-see outdoor adventure spots in the UK

Must-see outdoor adventure spots in the UK

The best adventures take place outdoors in nature. And, with British summertime in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of all the amazing places to visit, both locally, and a little further afield.

One of the greatest things about many outdoor adventures is that they are completely free of charge, meaning that all you need to budget for is your travel to get there, and some snacks to power you through. 

Where should I go on my outdoor adventure? Well, if it’s fun, yet challenging, experiences you are seeking this summer, then we have five great ideas for you. You could pick the option that stands out the most to you right now. Or, why not set yourself the ultimate challenge to compete all five by the end of 2023? 

Rock climbing in the Peak District


The Peak District is home to some of the most challenging rock-climbing routes in the whole of Europe; with cliffs, crags, and boulders to test your ability to the max. But don’t let this put you off if you are only a beginner. There are many climbs for those who are just starting out, as well as for young climbers too. Some of the most popular locations to climb, including Stanage Edge, Froggatt Edge, Curbar Edge, and Burbage, have routes for all skill levels, so you can select a climb that you feel comfortable with. 

The best plan, if you are starting out, is to do your research, and plan a couple of indoor group classes first before you head off to the Peak District. If you team up with some friends or family members for a class, then you can split the cost of the tuition. Alternatively, ask your local climbing centre about the best off-peak classes to attend for the most affordable prices. 

Snacks for your climbing adventure


Fun outdoor activities, like climbing, require energy food to keep you going. Be sure to have a nutritious and healthy breakfast before you set off for the day. Overnight oats are a good source of fibre and will keep your hunger contained for a morning of bouldering or pitching. 

When it comes to sustenance to take along with you, our chickpea and aubergine snacks are perfect to fit in your backpack. Chickpeas are a great source of non-animal protein to help repair and strengthen muscle tissue as you climb. 

Surfing in Cornwall


When it comes to your bucket-list of things to do outside in the UK, surfing in Cornwall should come pretty high up. There are numerous coastal locations that are good for beginners, with one of the most popular being Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall. Although Newquay is known for hosting some of the most famous international surfing competitions, there are waves for all abilities, and there are plenty of surf schools too.

If you want to take a couple of surf lessons before heading out alone, then it might be worth heading to one of the lesser-known beaches further down the coast, for example Basset’s Cove or Porthmeor Beach, where the prices might be a little cheaper away from the main tourist areas. 

Snacks for your surfing adventure


Awesome surf days are followed by fun picnics on the beach. Pack yourself up with a rucksack full of mini treats, including Co-op mini pork pies and Co-op bitesize sausage rolls, and prepare some chopped veg sticks to ensure you get your five a day. A seaside ice-cream is of course essential as you watch the late-afternoon waves roll in and recount the best moments of the day. 

Scaling Mount Snowdon


Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and England. You need to be moderately fit to reach the summit, but you don’t need any specific training to make it up. Some of the route is steep, and some footpaths are uneven in places, but if you follow one of the proper mountain routes you are sure to enjoy a safe and successful climb. It should take between five to seven hours to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon and walk back down, so set off early morning to avoid getting back down before the sun sets (depending on the time of year). 

Snacks for your hiking adventure


A well-planned out rucksack is essential for your Snowdon ascent. Be sure to have your overnight oats in the morning before you set off, with plenty of nutritious snacks and cereal bars in your lunchbox. Our lunchbox pasta salad is perfect for putting in a Tupperware container to take on your hike. You can substitute the ham for tuna if you prefer, or swap for chickpeas or tofu for a veggie option. 

Wild swimming in the Lake District


Wild swimming simply means taking a dip in a natural body of water – whether that be a stream, lake, or river. The activity of cold water swimming has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with many benefits proven for both mental and physical health. The Lake District is certainly at the top of the list for many wild swimming enthusiasts. And, whether you are a regular, or just trying your first swim, it’s a great place to visit. Try Rydal Water, Burnmoor Tarn, or Buttermere for some stunning scenery and shallow waters to practice your strokes. And always be sure to follow safety advice before heading out a little deeper.

Snacks for your swimming adventure


After you’ve dried off, you are sure to need a warm drink and some food. Pack up some of our BLT picnic sandwiches, a pack of Walkers mashups and a warm flask of tea or hot chocolate. A can of Fanta or Dr Pepper will also give you a little sugar boost that is recommended soon after getting out of cold water.

Camping in the Scottish Highlands


Camping anywhere can be an exhilarating experience. But nowhere more so than in the wild Scottish Highlands. It’s a great place to head for a summer family adventure. 

Thanks to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, it is perfectly legal, and free, to wild camp in Scotland (apart from a few exceptions). Therefore, you can pitch your tent pretty much anywhere that takes your fancy. Rackwick Bay, Kilmory Bay and Bonaly Reservoir are all popular spots for outdoor adventurers, and guarantee lots of fun under the night sky. Be sure to take a good tent, compass, and backpack full of essentials to get the most out of your camping experience. 

Snacks for your camping adventure


When you’re camping out in the wild, you need to be prepared. And that means taking along plenty of food and drink. It’s likely you will be setting up a campfire close by to your camping pitch, so this means lots of options for delicious, warm snacks to prepare together. S’mores are a popular campfire treat, first brought over to us from the US, and can be customised according to your sweet tooth preferences. Once your S’mores are ready, you can warm up some cocoa in a pan over the fire and share out into mugs while huddling together for some bedtime stories or singalong songs. Maybe some hot chocolate with rum for the grown-ups?  

Always drink responsibly. To find out more, visit Drinkaware.

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